PotterVilla—literally the potter's house

As the Potter family, it was quite logical to name our place of residence and business PotterVilla. However, there is more to PotterVilla than simply the place where the potters live. It, since God lives in us, is also the house of The Potter (God). He has used this place to form and shape us into his pattern.

In this atmosphere, various endeavors—both for profit and for edification—have sprung up, and been branded PotterVilla. Therefore, this website is a conglomeration of the services of PotterVilla Associates and the online abode of our family.

PotterVilla Associates (PVA) takes many forms, from PotterVilla Academics to PotterVilla Pastured Poultry, to PotterVilla Acres Lawn Care. Here is a brief description of our current programs:
  • PotterVilla Academics provides experienced tutoring in music, math and general education. They also teach an exceptionally effective method of writing—the IEW technique—which gives structure and style to more than just awkward composition.
  • PotterVilla aCapriccio is one of our amateur projects. This music group plays in the aCapriccio style: freely and often irregularly, in both tempo and meter.
  • PotterVilla Accounting provides customized, accurate accounting for anything from tax time woes to year round payroll management.
  • PotterVilla Acres lawn care has affordable rates on lawn mowing in the Charlotte, MI area.
  • PotterVilla Applied Technology, for all your Internet and general computing needs, provides website design and programming, hardware troubleshooting and data archival. They specialize in helping you comprehend technology.
  • PotterVilla Pastured Poultry, providing a healthier, tastier, and just plain better product, sells a higher grade of chicken.

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