Last Chance to Order Pottervilla Pastured Poultry in 2009

If you are tired of tasteless, waterlogged, disease prone, and just plain 'gross' chicken, give our pastured poultry a try.

Did you know that around 15% of a chicken you buy in the store is injected water? Are you aware that factory produced chickens are so sick and unsanitary that they are pumped full of anti-biotics every day of their lives just so that they can get big enough to slaughter? Have you heard that the forty or so chlorine baths (a moderate poison) in which the electrocuted chickens are sanitized can have as much as two feet of fecal matter in the bottom? Are you plagued with high cholesterol because of stress? So are these chickens—and their cholesterol is still in the meat that you have on your table.

Be informed! Our pastured poultry live in a healthy, stress-free environment; they are moved to fresh grass (and bugs, a natural source of protein) twice a day, leaving their disease facilitating fecal matter behind. These chickens don't need anti-biotics because they don't have disease; they are processed in a humane, chlorine free manner, without electrocution or the fecal matter from millions of other chickens to degrade and defile their quality meat.

Even organic chickens can't compare with ours—organic chickens use non-synthetic anti-bodies while pastured poultry use none, and organic chickens are submitted to the same disgusting packaging process.

If you are sick of your food being polluted and barely edible, try one of our pastured chickens—you'll notice the difference, guaranteed.

Chickens will be sold for $3.00 per pound. Estimated weight is 5-7 pounds per bird.

Order before February 10 to recieve a $2.00 per bird discount!

All chickens MUST be picked up at 1076 W. Broadway, Charlotte, Michigan between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the day of processing. Birds will be chilled in ice water. Please bring your own cooler to transport them home.

Now taking orders for Spring pickup!

one of our chickens

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