Pottervilla Applied Technology

If your computer is feeling slow or failing to perform basic tasks, and you don't know where to start, PotterVilla Applied Technology can help. If a web presence is the next step for you or your business, or if you just want a permanent, customizable email address, you've come to the right place. If you have valuable data stored on aging media which is loosing quality or becoming obsolete, let us copy it onto up-to-date media and into a lossless digital format.

PotterVilla Applied Technology specializes in bringing the highly complex technological world to a reachable level. Whether we do it by repairing or replacing an ailing or ageing computer, or by helping you reach a broader community, or by bringing the past into the future, we always strive to provide the best.

Our service is not only high quality, but affordable. It's all a part of providing a better customer experience.

If you are having trouble with your technology, let PotterVilla Applied Technology meet your needs.

Contact jonathan@pottervilla.net or call (517) 588-3030.